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This is for you who tends to forget the what the difference is between coffee-based drinks. Let’s settle this once and for all. Some drinks call for extra ingredients such as chocolate or ice, but most just have espresso and milk. By the way, if you use vegetable-based milk, use oat because it's more neutral and less sweet.

Only Coffee

Cold brew
Made without any heat, which affects the chemical steeping process. The result is lower acidity and a smoother, sweeter taste. Chocolate flavour notes. The slower brew retains more of the sugars unoxidized, while oxidizing more of the acids.
3 Drip-coffee

Iced coffee
Regular hot-brewed drip coffee, at double strength, that’s been cooled down. Caramel and cola flavour notes.
3 Drip-coffee

Watered out espresso to become more like drop coffee.
2 Espresso 3 water

Black eye
Fortified drip coffee for when you need to stay awake.
2 Espresso 4 Drip coffee

Espresso is the small shot of concentrated coffee you get with a machine that pushes water though coffee grinds.
1 Espresso

Drip coffee
Drip coffee, like the name suggests, is coffee made by mixing the coffee grinds with water and having it slowly drip through a filter.
3 Drip-coffee

Usual amount of ground coffee but extracted with half the amount of water for the same duration at a finer grind. Less caffeine but more aromatic. Café serré in French. It's distinctly different from a regular espresso with nuttier and more floral taste. Tried comparing ristretto cappuccino and regular cappuccino but couldn’t tell any difference besides more milk taste.
0.7 Espresso

Opposite of a Ristretto. Double the water in extraction. More caffeine but less higher flavour notes. It tastes like a more watery espresso.
3 Espresso

Coffee with milk

Espresso with a thick, discrete layer of foamed milk. The coffee is toned down a bit but it’s still the main component. Italians don’t have cappuccino after 10am because only babies drink milk after that time.
2 Espresso 2 Steamed milk 2 Foamed milk

Cafe au lait
Drip coffee with steamed milk.
2 Drip coffee 2 Steamed milk

Cafe latte
The espresso and steamed milk are mixed, then topped with a thin layer of foamed milk. The coffee flavour is more subtle and the milk is the main component.
2 Espresso 5 Steamed milk 0.25 Foamed milk

Latte macchiato
“Marked” or “stained” in italian, meaning that it’s mostly steamed milk with just a hint of espresso. It’s poured in last so that the blend is uneven.
0.5 Espresso 3 Steamed milk

The Portuguese version of latte macchiato.
1 Espresso 3 Foamed milk

Espresso macchiato
This is the reverse of the latte macchiato. It’s an espresso with a hint of foamed milk.
2 Espresso 0.25 Foamed milk

Flat white
A cafe latte without the foamed milk and slightly more coffee flavour.
2 Espresso 4 Steamed milk

A thinner, smaller flat white.
2 Espresso 1 Foamed milk

Cafe noisette
Similar to Cortado but with hot milk.
2 Espresso 2 Hot milk

With half and half, which is a mix of milk and cream.
2 Espresso 3 Half and half

Piccolo latte
It's a smaller latte with ristretto instead.
1.5 Ristretto 3.75 Steamed milk 0.2 Foamed milk

Coffee with else

Coffee with chocolate.
2 Espresso 1 Steamed milk 2 Chocolate

Mocha latte
A latte with a hint of chocolate.
2 Espresso 5 Steamed milk 0.25 Foamed milk 0.25 Chocolate

A cappuccino with a hint of chocolate.
1 Espresso 1 Steamed milk 1 Foamed milk 0.5 Chocolate

Irish coffee
Sweet and alcoholic coffee drink.
2 Drip coffee 1 whiskey 0.5 Brown sugar 0.5 Whipped cream

With ice cream.
2 Espresso 3 Ice cream

Con panna
With whipped cream.
1 Espresso 1.5 Whipped cream

Cafe creme
With heavy cream.
2 Espresso 1 Heavy cream

Cafe Bombom
With condensed milk, which is very sweet.
2 Espresso 2 Condensed milk

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I inspire new possibilities to deepen love, intimacy and self-expression. I mainly write articles about that, but you'll also find refrences on design, fitness and finance. More

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