I can't help but create and produce things. Since I find value in them, perhaps you will too. Here are all the resources related to finances.

Risk Calculator

This tool allows you to check if an investments is worth the potential loss by comparing the upside to the downside. It'll also tell you how many shares to buy so that you can't lose more than you've decided to risk.

Asset Allocation And Diversification

In my previous article I explained why investing is important. The reasonable follow-up question is, how do you pick the right investment?

Why You Should Invest Your Money

Surprise, surprise, you already are investing. Even if you just have your savings in cash, you're betting on those papers to have value in the future, just like any other kind of asset. Furthermore, if you have any retirement plan, that ...

Compounding Calculator

Compounding is a great things. It's how reinvesting, or growth on growth, or exponential growth can reach limitless proportions. Double 1 dollar ten times and you'll have over 1000. Just 5 more times and you'll have over 30,000.

VAT Calculator

If you want to write an invoice, check an invoice or doing anything else with taxes this calculator will be useful to you. No need to worry about the currency, just fill in the numbers.