I can't help but create and produce things. Since I find value in them, perhaps you will too. Here are all the resources related to fitness.

Intermittent fasting

Here are concise tips on starting intermittent fasting. This isn't so much a diet as it is an eating schedule. It's fasting part of the day. We do this already when we sleep, so it's a matter of extending that period. Why fast? To burn f...

Strength training

(Work in progress) These are the 10 exercises I do for strength and muscle growth. They're meant to cover your whole body, top to bottom, pulling and pushing. You'll find a description of the right form for each, as well as my personal s...

Be ready to die

Time is important. Time is limited. Remember you're going to die one day. We all know these things but why do we act as if we'll live forever?

Spend your time wisely

I decided to keep track of every minute of my day for a week and analyse the results. If you're like me you'd like to think that what you say is important to you is reflected by the amount of time you spend on it. But if you looked how m...